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Toastmasters InternationalNI-Speechmeisters

The first goal in Toastmasters is to complete the 10 speeches in your Communications and Leadership Manual, which results in your Competent Toastmaster (CTM) award.

From there, you can complete 3 Advanced manuals, become a Club Officer, give three speeches to non-Toastmaster groups, to attain your Advanced Toastmaster (ATM) award.

The next step can be to pursue ATM-Bronze after completing 3 additional Advanced manuals, 2 success/Leadership modules within 2 years, and 5 non-TM speeches, workshops, or seminars.

Followed by ATM-Silver after completing 3 additional Advanced manuals, Training seminars of at least 30 minutes, address to 50 or more non-TMs within 2 years, and Judge at 2 TM contests above the club.

And lastly the ATM-Gold after receiving either the ATM-S or ATM-B. You must also  complete 2 additional Advanced manuals, conduct a Leadership program, and coach new member with their first three speeches.

This track allows you to pursue the highest award in Toastmasters leadership skills, the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award, after maintaining four years of continuous membership, coordinating at least one Speechcraft and one Youth Leadership course, giving at least five speeches to non-TM groups, serving a full term as a club officer and a district officer, sponsoring five new members, and mentoring a new, rebuilt, or weak club as a club specialist.

You can also take the "Leadership Track" instead to your DTM, which would involve another set of manuals.

Your employer will also be notified of your achievement in any of these programs, if you wish.


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