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Toastmasters InternationalNI-Speechmeisters

In the basic "Communication and Leadership" manual, there are ten speech projects:

1. Icebreaker - 4 to 6 minutes - getting over nervousness by introducing yourself to the club.

2. Speak With Sincerity (a.k.a.  Be In Earnest) - 5 to 7 minutes - continue to get over nervousness by speaking about something you believe deeply in.

3. Organize Your Speech - 5 to 7 minutes - work on giving a well-organized speech.

4. Show What You Mean - 5 to 7 minutes - not a "Show and Tell" speech, this project calls on you to work with gestures and body language during your speech. Unfortunately, many members somehow confuse the issue and show up with a bag full of props that they use in a "Show and Tell" style speech. Don't do that.

5. Vocal Variety - 5 to 7 minutes - work on rate of delivery, volume, speed, pitch, emphasis, etc.

6. Work with Words - 5 to 7 minutes - work on proper word choice, avoiding jargon and generalizations, etc.

7. Apply Your Skills - 5 to 7 minutes - go back and practice everything you've learned up to this point.

8. Add Impact To Your Speech (a.k.a.  Be Persuasive) - 6 to 8 minutes - give a persuasive speech on a controversial issue.

9. Persuade With Words (a.k.a.  Speak With Knowledge) - 7 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds - research an issue, write a speech, and then *read* that speech to the audience (as opposed to using notecards or notes or whatever you used for the previous eight speeches)... and have it well-rehearsed, so it doesn't run long or end too soon.

10. Inspire Your Audience - 8 to 10 minutes - The final speech in the manual calls on you to move and inspire your audience in a well-presented and well-prepared speech.

After you've completed all 10 projects, have your club Vice President of Educational sign your application for the Competent Toastmaster (CTM) award in the Communication and Leadership Program manual and send it to Toastmasters International World Headquarters. You will then receive your CTM, a major milestone in your development and any three of the Advanced Communication and Leadership Program manuals.

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